Our Promise To You

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Here at the Cave Sustainable Architects UK we firmly believe that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We aim to develop and promote a culture where all individuals receive fair and equal treatment in all aspects of employment and customer relations. We further recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce and understand that equal opportunity does not mean treating everyone the same but valuing and adapting to people’s differences. Read More >>


Cave is a sustainable architectural practice with a social business model. Our designs focus on sustainable low tech construction techniques and geared towards community build and ownership. As a sustainable social enterprise we are committed to promote environmental good and even best practice. Our aim is to educate & train our clients, staff and the wider community we build for, to reduce our collective environmental impact and contribution to global pollution. All members of the Cave Co-operative Architects UK are part of integrating and maintaining environmental considerations within the organisation. Read More >>


Our sustainable designs focus on low tech sustainable building techniques and geared towards community build and ownership. Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We strive to provide you with services that meet and even exceed your expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance. Read More >>

Health & Safety

The Cave Sustainable Architects UK statement of general policy is: to identify and control the health and safety risks arising from our work activities; • to consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety • to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment • to ensure safe handling and use of substances • to provide information, instruction and supervision for employees • to ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training • to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health • to maintain safe and healthy working conditions Read More >>