Vera Hale

Vera Hale Architect and Co-founder of The Cave Co-operative studied at the University of North London and the Technical University of Delft. She graduated from the TU Delft with honourable mention for her graduation project on the re-territorialization of disputed lands in Kosovo after the war by community interaction.

Sustainable urban design

Vera has 10 years of work experience on a diverse range of projects both here in the UK and in The Netherlands, and has gained experience at all stages of design and construction on several social and sustainable schemes. As project architect at 24h>architecture she worked on a sustainable urban-masterplan in Besancon, France in association with Aterlier Seraji. And at S333 she was project architect for the RIBA award winning Tarling Housing Development. Vera has taught at the Technical University of Delft and has been a guest critic at the University of Essex.

Liz Crisp

Liz Crisp Architect and Co-founder of The Cave Co-operative studied at Kingston and North London Universities; completing her architectural studies with a consistent focus on sustainable design. Liz has worked for Walter and MacNamara Architects in central London, working on a wide variety of private and commercial projects from initial design stage to completion.

After W&M Liz became self employed and over the following 9 years she focused on working with Derek Plummer Chartered Architects on a wide variety of private residential and medium sized local development schemes.

Natural materials

During this time Liz regularly worked on conservation projects and listed buildings, whilst further developing her passion for sustainable design; deepening her knowledge of low-tech construction methods such as Strawbale, Cob, Car tyre, Lime & Clay renders and plasters and the re-use of ‘waste’ material. Liz studied as an ambassador for the internationally renowned Strawbale building company “Amazonails”, now Strawworks, alongside Barbara Jones. Liz has been a guest critic at the University of Essex.

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey Architectural Assistant. Paul Harvey began his architectural education in Edinburgh studying sustainable design. After a spell in the industry, he returned to study at London Metropolitan University with renewed interest in sustainable and community led architecture, working in deprived districts.

Timber expert

Pauls experience includes high end residential and commercial developments within London, providing vital tools for practice and a good knowledge base. Paul is passionate about timber craftsmanship and has studied round wood construction and is a fine concertina maker!

Currently Liz and Paul form the main Cave team. Together we have over 30 years practice experience covering large scale commercial and public developments as well as one off private residential projects. The Cave Co-op is able to expand rapidly to cover large projects and rising work loads by using our regular team of freelance staff.