Sustainable Architecture


Cave specialises in Eco Friendly Buildings and Spaces

At The Cave Co-operative we believe passionately about the importance of sustainability. Not just in the eco friendly buildings that we design, but in the way we work with our clients, in our community and with society as a whole.

Economically Viable Sustainable Building

Cave understands how essential it is for a building project to be economically sustainable. It is a serious waste of resources to build a project that can only financially survive 6 months. Furthermore to create a building that is so purpose specific it can fulfil no other useful function.

Make Your Eco Building Work for You!

Cave aims to create eco friendly buildings that are designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That heat up using the power of the sun and ventilate without the use of machinery. Super insulated walls, floors and roofs provide comfortable temperatures all year round. Windows and doors are positioned to give you maximum daylight with minimum heat loss. Saving money as well as energy.

People = Maximum Potential…

Some architects assume they know your project better than you, even though in many cases you’re the one who’s been imagining it for years. At The Cave Co-operative office we believe in working with you to make your dreams a reality. That means us not imposing our dreams on you, but working with you to help focus your vision. Cave adopts a very friendly and interactive approach to how we work. Making the eco friendly building design process enjoyable and rewarding for us and yourself as the client, whilst creating beautiful buildings and spaces that respond to your needs.