Digging…and more digging!

One of the most strangely popular jobs at Camp Cob is digging, and believe me there is a lot of digging to do!

On site there is a large well stocked pond which is a result of the merger of the two original clay pits dug on site in the C18th to build the two existing Cob buildings. The hole we are digging at the moment is tiny by comparison, for now!

We are digging down past the top soil, tree roots and animal life to get to the clay beneath. The clay at Camp Cob is a silty mix, so we adjust our mix accordingly to account for this. The current sub soil we have at Camp Cob requires a 1:1:1 mix of sub soil, well graded sharp sand and straw. For us this makes the perfect mix, but it will be different wherever you are so make sure you do some tests. Some good reference points are:



and Adam and Katy’s (from clay-works) book:

Building with Cob: a step -by-step guide by Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce