July Camp Cob

As with our last months mission to Camp Cob, this month we are progressing the Lime re-pointing of the Flint plinth wall. You can see from the first image that in some cases there are some quite large holes to repair!

We had lots of volunteers helping with this task, so thanks to all those who gave a helping hand, you know who you are!

Re-pointing such large holes takes an extremely long time and much patience! It is not the type of job for you if you like doing things quickly. The lime can only be applied in layers about 10mm thick and takes a day or two to be what’s called ‘green hard’, which is where you can just make a small imprint on the lime with your thumb nail, before you can apply another layer, so it is quite slow going, but a great meditation!

In the final picture you can see part of the finished wall, which once the last layer has been applied, smoothed and angled to allow for rain run-off (be careful not to leave any areas where rain can collect!) the mortar is left for a day to carbonate and harden a bit before giving it all a good scrub with a wire brush to clear any mortar from the stones and after a light spray with the hose, Hey-presto! One fantastic, re-pointed flint wall!

We got our ready mixed lime mortar from the lovely people at Chalkdown Lime and our tools from the equally lovely people at Mike Wyes, you can find both their websites below and they are all very knowledgeable on all things lime!