Making Cob bricks

This July Camp Cob was all about bricks!

We made as many bricks as our little feet could muster! We dug, we dryed, we sieved, we measured, we mixed, we treaded, jumped and danced, we rolled and rolled, we jumped, danced, stamped, conga-ed and rolled some more, all the way to the perfect mix. At this point, normally some merciful soul has produced some tea and biccies!

We then give the brick forms and board a good hose down (so the Cob doesn’t stick) and then take our fab’ mix, pack it well down into the molds, being careful to pack into corners and eliminate any air bubbles. Give it a good tamping down, whether by standing on it or smacking it with lumps of wood, or anything else that comes to hand. Then lift the forms (easier said than done!) and shake carefully, from not too high until all your bricks have dropped out, magic!

Oh, and then start all over again!

The bricks are then left to dry in a shady, rain proof spot, turned every other day or so and in a months time you should have some fully dried out bricks ready for any cob repair jobs that your walls may have to offer.