Green roofs Part I

The green roof at Eversheds HQ

This week myself and Vera had the fantastic opportunity of attending a 2 day RESET course on sustainable, environmental systems management, held at the Eversheds HQ in London. With amazing talks on Biomimicry by Michael Pawlyn, director of Exploration Architecture (Architects for the Eden Project) as well as talks by Gary Grant and Dusty Gedge of on the future of our cities and the role nature has to play in our ability to live in them comfortably and sustainably.

The image you see above is of the green roof at the Eversheds HQ in London. Originally a laid as a Sedum blanket on a low level of substrate, producing a ‘green roof’ that did not meet the clients expectations of habitiat creation and biodiversity. So with the help of the team at, extra habitat was created using log piles and varying the depth of substrate to create mounds where herbs and wild flowers can establish themselves, producing a roof top environment attractive to many species of flora and fauna, including humans! The roof then became so popular with staff that a roof gardening group was formed and bird and bat boxes were introduced, as well as container vegetable growing and a bee hive. So, not only has Eversheds reduced it’s air conditioning bill over the summer months and reduced peak storm water run-off, but increased it’s amenity value for it’s staff and no doubt this could be number crunched into increased productivety as well!

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