Green Roofs part II

Boot Strap Green Roof

This second green roofs instalment is looking at existing community green roofs, in particular the ‘The Dalston Roof Park’ in London.

This green space has been created by Bootstrap Company in Dalston on top of their offices and studio spaces. We went along with Dusty Gedge and Gary Grant of as well as the Reset team, to have a good poke about in their borders!

Founded in 1977 as a training and enterprise organisation, Bootstrap Company is a development trust, social enterprise and charity. It’s aims are to improve the environment in Dalston by developing and implementing creative and sustainable plans for the regeneration of the area. To develop local potential by providing excellent managed workspace for micro, small, medium and creative enterprises and the community and voluntary sector.

We loved this roof! It is at present in it’s Phase 1 stage of construction, so there are beds for growing, photovoltaics on the roof and habitat creation initiatives. The ‘grass’ you see in the photos is actually Astroturf, but this still creates a feeling of nature, even if it’s only through suggestion!

The community have become really involved in this project, with schools and hundreds of people signed up as ‘roof members’ helping out with watering, weeding or just relaxing in the space.

Bootstrap have run a plethora of successful events on the roof this summer from Yoga, gardening clubs, cinema nights and a bar.

Well done Bootstrap! For a creating a great roof and the good work they do in their local community. If you would like to visit or get involved with Bootstrap, Reset or do a course on green roofs then visit: