Green roof up and growing!

living roof

Things in the Cave office have been sooo busy this last month, our little Cavey feet have hardly touched the ground! So I have some serious blog catch up to do…

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What else have we been up to?

Well, the new porch roof at the Kingston Environment Centre went up last month and shoots are appearing and little Sedums and herbs are growing there as I write.

We had a great team working with us that weekend and luckily the weather held out and we managed to get the roof up dodging the showers. The original porch roof was corrugated steel and we kept to the existing size of this roof and had quite a bit to do, in terms of structurally making the porch walls safe before we could start on the actual roof, as the walls weren’t tied into the building at all!

Once the walls were secured with steel straps we could then start on the roof and the phrase “a workman is only as good as his tools” springs to mind! We had a range of tools from the Cavey office and access to the tools at the Environment Centre, but we were still lacking a few! As we were on an extremely tight budget (most of the materials were kindly donated) we were limited to what we could buy. So, after much head scratching we revised our well thought out plans to meet the limitations of our tools.

After much drilling, sawing, tea drinking and hammering and a suitable ‘A-Team’ style musical montage we had our finished little living roof, complete with Bat habitat! The Kingston Environment Centre team then seeded the roof from their collected seed bank as well as throwing a good number of their magic  ‘seed bombs’ up there! Now that Spring has definitely sprung there is a profusion of life bursting forth on the little roof.

We had some fantastic donations from:

The Butyl Products Ltd Group, Alsford Timber and Wickes, so a massive THANK YOU to our very kind sponsors of the project, they are all stars!

We also had lots of good advice from the Bat conservation trust, to help us build all sorts of happy bat crevices into our roof: