Fun at Camp Cob!

Camp Cob!

The Cave team were back out at Camp Cob this May with lots of new helpers!

This visit we were focusing on new foundations to the fantastic new Oak door frame (not a nail or screw in site!), using some of our beautiful cob bricks made last year to plug up some of the more industrious masonry bees holes and starting on the final section of Flint wall to be re-pointed. One of our camp cobbers also made a fantastic Rhubarb compote with the vast amounts of Rhubarb we have on site!

We had the surreal pleasure of turning on our first light at Camp Cob which for the last two years has been a completely off grid, candle light and lantern experience! With our new found electrical capacity the client splashed out on a fridge, so cold beers all round at the end of the day, perfect!

We had ideal weather this trip for working outdoors and had loads of fun making cob mortars, hefting huge lumps of rocks about (thank you team “we move any rock!”) and playing with Lime. The flint re-pointing is under way and will be finished next trip as well as all the cob work to the end gable wall ready for Lime rendering next season.

If you’d like to come along to Camp Cob and have fun in France with mud and Lime then please feel free to email us about our July trip! There are a limited amount of places left and we will be there from July 16th – 31st, accommodation, food and drink are free, you just need to make your own way there… So come and sample the best of the French countryside whilst stamping around on lots of mud!