Yorda planning application approved!

Yorda-planning-appGreat news in the Cave camp this week as the planning application for the Yorda Adventure Playground for young people with disabilities is approved! Above you can see Laura from Yorda and I very scientifically testing out existing pieces of kit in the borough. All in the name of R&D you understand and absolutely no fun was had in the process…honest ; )

The application was quite a tricky one with 11 overlapping pieces of legislation on the site! The site is a nature reserve and has 3 protected species; the Common Pipistrelle Bat, The European Water Vole and the House Sparrow. An important part of our application was how we were going to improve the existing habitat and biodiversity on the site. To this end a new hedge will be being planted this October as well as many native flowering and fruiting species of flowers, shrubs and trees. If you’re interested in plant lists then please drop us an email or call and we can forward the info on to you.

Sustainability was a key feature of the success of our application and with many of the pieces of equipment being built from reclaimed or recycled timber as well as coppiced timber. The play equipment itself will be organic in its design and will allow for a variety of experiences around the site. There’ll be a zip slide, a long wide slide with tree canopy platforms and crawl spaces, a round about, basket and cradle swings for multiple occupancy!, a sunken trampoline, a water play area and a sensory den. All of these pieces of equipment will be bespoke items built specifically for Yorda’s clients and designed to create an exciting, outdoor play experience that is challenging and stimulating as well as calming and beautiful.

The first two pieces of equipment going in this year will be a sunken trampoline and the sensory den. Due to funding finding the building work will be phased and will happen as and when funding is found. On that note! If you or your company would like to be amazing enough to fund a piece of Yorda play equipment, or even a little donation to the cause then please click here and please accept Caves and Yorda’s warmest Thank yous!

There are also lots of groovy ways you can support Yorda, they have a fantastic monthly ‘The More, The Monier’ cash lottery starting in September, they will be having one of their famous quiz nights in November (details to be up soon on their website) or you could do your own imaginative sponsored event (forms can be downloaded from their website).

We’ll keep you posted as pieces of equipment go in, so watch this space!