A new addition to the Cave team!

Mariona Oliver the new Cave member!

Cave has a new member!

We’ve been so busy in the Cave office lately that we’ve not had time to write a blog! But as you can see, we now have a fantastic new addition to the Cave team, so we can get back to our blog writing! Her name is Mariona Oliver and she is a Spanish Architect from Barcelona.

In Mariona’s own words: “I met Liz when we were both studying at the University of North London and since then I’ve had in mind that I would love to work with Liz. A few years later I met Vera Hale through Liz and thought I would like to work with Cave even more!

I feel that Cave has the features I look for in my place of work: a strong focus on sustainability, social concerns and a cooperative way of working. I am very happy to have joined this great team”.

All of us in the Cave team would like to wish Mariona a very warm welcome and we’re looking forward to more Cave expansion and all the fun we’re going to have working together!