Lime render splendour!

Above are pictures of our load bearing strawbale project in Ham, Richmond. Far right you can see me ‘persuading’ the straw wall into line on the curve of the walls with Strawworks extremely large hammer, known as ‘the persuader’.

Next along is a shot of the inside, receiving its first coat of lime plaster with some of the course participants from last weekends lime rendering course and far left is a picture of the outside taken yesterday with the second coat of Lime/hemp render applied.

The final finish coat will not be applied until the spring now and normally we wouldn’t advise using lime this late in the year, but due to unavoidable site delays we have had to in this case. We’ll be protecting the walls from any cold snaps in the next few months by wrapping the building in a protective layer to keep out any frost. Ideally you would stop using lime outside at the end of September.

Next step on this BREEAM excellent project will be the living roof. We are insulating the warm roof using 150mm of wood fibre board with a ventilation gap above to regulate any moisture build up in the insulation due to the living roof. The sky lights need to installed with their raised kerbs and then the living roof will be installed next week, exciting stuff!

The lime for this job was supplied by Ty-Mawr and Womersleys and the straw walls were built by Strawworks and willing volunteers!

(No-one needed to be ‘persuaded’ to join in with this build!)    Sorry…