Malawi eco-village update

Malawi update

Caves eco village project in Malawi for our clients The Landirani Trust (soon to be renamed African Vision Malawi) has been coming on in leaps and bounds. Last year saw the first three buildings finished on site. The first building being a home for the security guard, the second a home for the project manager, the third pictured above is the Children’s creche and canteen, with indoor classroom/play space, dispensary, store and kitchen. The volunteers on this build got so carried away they even built a playground car out of left over tyres and bamboo which is a great hit with children (and adults!).

All the builds were run as courses led by a professional rammed earth builder with the majority of the labour force being local Malawian volunteers looking to gain a new skill in rammed earth construction.

Since last year Malawi has adopted the Zimbabwe standard which allows for rammed earth buildings to be built for public/community use as well as domestic. This is great news as it means we can promote rammed earth in Malawi as a viable means of construction for all buildings. The Landirani Trust have done a great job in recruiting lots of willing trainees, who now by their third building have learnt lots from their mistakes and are becoming confident rammed earth builders!

The new building about to go on site this year is the library and resource centre, as well as a new head office in Malawis capital Lilongwe. Both projects still need some additional funds so if you’d like to donate please go to The Landirani Trusts website where they will gladly accept your kind donations!