Camp Cob Update!


Above you can see the recent developments at camp cob, lots of beautiful new carpentry and some expert cobbing from John and Pascaline!

This year we’re going to be dealing with ‘Clay Mountain’ and yep you guessed it, making more bricks! For all of the many digging fans there will be lots for you to do this year with drainage ditches to be dug and floors to be dug out!

If you’d like to come out with us this year for some messy fun, then these are the dates for 2013 so far (the August and June dates aren’t fixed so they may move around a little depending on people and holidays, etc…):

May 20th – 24th

June 24th – 28th

August 1st -11th

As usual it is free camping on site, with free food and drink in exchange for your cobbing enthusiasm and energy. People are welcome to hitch a lift out and back with us if you want to travel when we travel, or you can make your own way over and back and do a bit of sight seeing while you’re there in the beautiful Loire!

Email us for further info or to let us know you’re coming!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all out there!