Added Eco Value, 5 ways to add value to your property the sustainable way…


As Spring is supposed to be in the air Cave thought we’d take a look at ways to sustainably spruce up our homes and add some all important value at the same time!

Top tip number 1

Small things matter! By making some simple energy-saving improvements, such as installing quality glazing, adding thermostats to radiators, install water saving measures and eliminating drafts can really make a difference to how comfortable your home feels to you and prospective house buyers, as well as looking great with some lovely timber double or triple glazed windows! Plastic windows will detract value from your home as well as having a negative impact on the environment.

Top tip number 2

While it’s still around use The Green Deal to add wall and loft insulation as well as get money off a new condensing boiler.

Top tip number 3

Extend! Kitchens really sell houses, if you have space to the rear or side of your property adding some extra area to a kitchen to incorporate some lounge or dining space with a little bit of ‘wow!’ factor can definitely clinch a deal when it comes to selling a property. If the extension is built sustainably with good levels of insulation, daylight and low energy fittings you will be able to make your property stand out from all the rest. You could also add a beautiful living roof to any new flat roofs, which will increase habitat and help to keep you cool in the summer as well as looking fantastic, much better than felt!

Top tip number 4

If you can’t build out then build up! Loft conversions are an obvious way to gain more space if the traditional route of extending on the ground floor isn’t an option for you. If your family is growing, creating an additional bedroom can save you a lot of money compared to moving and will also add value to your property. While you’re in the loft, you could also add a solar collector to heat your hot water or a Solar panel to generate your electricity, something that you and potential buyers can benefit from.

If you do decide to build always use quality contractors, don’t be seduced by a low price! Get references and go to see some finished projects in your neighbourhood, ask friends and neighbours to recommend a good contractor that they have used. Ask! Were they on time? On budget? Tidy and considerate?

Top tip number 5

A great way to not use the earths resources and avoid the cost of building, but still add value if you are selling your property, is to apply for a planning permission. You’ll make money purely by having secured permission to do so: you’ll spend around £2000 on survey, design and planning processing, but you’ll elevate your property into a higher league. It removes a big element of doubt from a buyer’s mind, if they know the council have already said yes to expansion.


A survey by The Clydesdale Bank showed that a third of first-time buyers say they will avoid a property which is not energy efficient. So think about energy efficiency improvements and micro-generation installations as a way of improving the value and saleability of your home – just like loft conversions or laying a new carpet.

Sustainability network SPONGE commissioned a MORI poll on whether sustainable features add value to properties and found:

  • 92% of people are keen to see sustainability features offered on new homes.
  • 64% of people say that some sustainability features should be compulsory.
  • 60% of home owners claim to have installed energy or water saving features since moving into their homes.
  • 45% of people state energy efficiency or water saving features were fairly or overly important when choosing their current home and 73% of people say it’s important for when purchasing a house next time.
  • Two thirds of people are willing to pay a monthly charge for sustainable services (e.g. convenient recycling, car sharing etc.)

Eco-friendly homes bring in a higher value: Eco conscious upgrades have a big return on investment. From water saving plumbing fixtures to tankless hot water heaters, investing in the earth can add value to your home. Choose rapidly renewable resources for finishes like bamboo flooring and opt for systems that save on energy costs. Regardless of the method, green living upgrades are always worth the investment.