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Green roof up and growing!

Things in the Cave office have been sooo busy this last month, our little Cavey feet have hardly touched the ground! So I have some serious blog catch up to do… Firstly… If you’d like some FREE! Eco advice on how to save money and the planet come to our monthly ECO SURGERY at the… Read more »

Green Roofs part II

This second green roofs instalment is looking at existing community green roofs, in particular the ‘The Dalston Roof Park’ in London. This green space has been created by Bootstrap Company in Dalston on top of their offices and studio spaces. We went along with Dusty Gedge and Gary Grant of as well as the… Read more »

Green roofs Part I

This week myself and Vera had the fantastic opportunity of attending a 2 day RESET course on sustainable, environmental systems management, held at the Eversheds HQ in London. With amazing talks on Biomimicry by Michael Pawlyn, director of Exploration Architecture (Architects for the Eden Project) as well as talks by Gary Grant and Dusty Gedge… Read more »