Adventure playground

Our client Yorda Adventures is a not-for-profit community organisation that works with families in and around the borough of Kingston-upon-Thames. They provide engaging and stimulating play projects for children and young people with severe learning disabilities.

We designed an adventure playground and landscaping scheme for Yorda to respond to the clients need to provide a natural setting for their activities with the children and young people that they work with. The brief was to create a space that was safe but wild, that was fun and challenging, with areas for quiet meditation as well as excitement. The site is a designated nature reserve with many protected species present, we developed a landscaping scheme that enhanced native flowering and fruiting species to encourage wildlife, provide visual stimulus as well as smelling lovely too!

Their were 8 pieces of equipment finally chosen for their various different sensations; spinning, swinging, sliding, flying, jumping, climbing, calming and splashy!

This project is on site at the moment and two pieces of equipment have been installed, but Yorda are still raising funds to complete the project, so if you would like to help them, please visit the Yorda Adventures website at:

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