Harmony Gardens – Haringey

Our client Back2Earth was asked to improve the space around the Broadwater Farm community centre by creating 2 community gardens.

The first to be a vegetable garden, called ‘The Harmony Gardens’ for local residents to grow their own fruit and veg, whilst learning different skills and exercising at the same time. The community centre is also used for many other functions, the local residents also requested a formal garden for recreational use.

The second garden is a children’s garden. An interactive colourful garden for children to become aware of their natural environment through learning where their food comes from and how to grow and prepare it. It also incorporates many biodiversity and habitat features to allow the children to learn about the other plants and creatures we share the planet with and how they can be useful to us as pollinators, predators and composters.

This garden was designed with the local residents and was built completely by volunteers, it is now a thriving hub of all sorts of community activity and provides fresh, locally grown organic food for the cafe based at the community centre.

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