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Feng Shui is for everyone

Architecturally it seems that in the past it was common knowledge where to build and how to orientate buildings in the landscape and seamlessly blend both of them together. Feng Shui is a way to harmonise a building so that it works with you, nature and the energy of the universe.

Hastings Country Park – New Visitor Centre

Cave has been appointed by Hastings Borough Council to work with Groundwork South, the council and the community on a new sustainable, community built visitor centre in Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve. The new facility will aim to educate visitors about this unique part of the Jurassic coastline…

Camp Cob Update!

Above you can see the recent developments at camp cob, lots of beautiful new carpentry and some expert cobbing from John and Pascaline! This year we’re going to be dealing with ‘Clay Mountain’ and yep you guessed it, making more bricks! For all of the many digging fans there will be lots for you to… Read more »

Malawi eco-village update

Caves eco village project in Malawi for our clients The Landirani Trust (soon to be renamed African Vision Malawi) has been coming on in leaps and bounds. Last year saw the first three buildings finished on site. The first building being a home for the security guard, the second a home for the project manager, the third pictured above is the Children’s creche and canteen, with indoor classroom/play space, dispensary, store and kitchen.

Co-creation of Places to Community Led Design

Good participation is when community, market and politics work together and collaborate to create the setting for place, the stage for daily life to happen. As practitioners, we need to ‘create’ inclusive design processes that allow local people to play a clear and direct role in informing changes in their own environment and making decisions throughout the projects development.