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Camp Cob Update!

Above you can see the recent developments at camp cob, lots of beautiful new carpentry and some expert cobbing from John and Pascaline! This year we’re going to be dealing with ‘Clay Mountain’ and yep you guessed it, making more bricks! For all of the many digging fans there will be lots for you to… Read more »

Cob bricks and new wall plates!

This July’s camp cob at Le Petit Givais in France was absolutely cob brick-tastic! A massive thanks to all those feet and hands that helped stamp, roll and squelch to make an LPG record of over 200 bricks made in one visit! These bricks were made using a 1:1:1 mix of sand, straw and clay… Read more »

Fun at Camp Cob!

The Cave team were back out at Camp Cob this May with lots of new helpers! This visit we were focusing on new foundations to the fantastic new Oak door frame (not a nail or screw in site!), using some of our beautiful cob bricks made last year to plug up some of the more… Read more »

Making Cob bricks

This July Camp Cob was all about bricks! We made as many bricks as our little feet could muster! We dug, we dryed, we sieved, we measured, we mixed, we treaded, jumped and danced, we rolled and rolled, we jumped, danced, stamped, conga-ed and rolled some more, all the way to the perfect mix. At… Read more »

July Camp Cob

As with our last months mission to Camp Cob, this month we are progressing the Lime re-pointing of the Flint plinth wall. You can see from the first image that in some cases there are some quite large holes to repair! We had lots of volunteers helping with this task, so thanks to all those… Read more »

Digging…and more digging!

One of the most strangely popular jobs at Camp Cob is digging, and believe me there is a lot of digging to do! On site there is a large well stocked pond which is a result of the merger of the two original clay pits dug on site in the C18th to build the two… Read more »

Solar shower anyone?

This July’s trip to Camp Cob had many visitors, two of which being Heinz and Marion a German couple who are friends of our client. Heinz was a miraculous one man site clearing machine as well as tree feller and married to a lovely lady with an eye for a good shower! Heinz and Marion… Read more »

Tree Bogs!

The view you see above is the fantastic view from our Tree Bog at Camp Cob. A Tree Bog is a toilet that relies on the nitrate loving properties of plants such as: Willow and Nettles to break down the contents of the toilet in super quick time, meaning there is no need for emptying… Read more »

June Camp Cob

This June’s visit is primarily for us to focus on the task of re-pointing the existing Flint plinth, which together with the existing Cob walls of the property had been unwittingly nearly ruined by a reinforced cement render which had been applied about 20 yrs ago. For those in the know, cement and concrete are… Read more »

Camp Cob – The overgrowth

Wow! After two weeks of warm weather and rain, Camp Cob is pretty much lost in the undergrowth! It was so fantastic when we arrived to remove the vine that had grown over the entrance gate and push our way through. Myself, Vera and Tor spent the afternoon wading through 6ft high Rhubarb, Plum tree… Read more »